UEFA EURO 2024 Set Menu (14 Jun - 14 Jul)
Steak Night
Adult Interest Class Highlights (Jul 2024)
Present Resident / Guidance Card when Entering the Clubs
Swimming Class Booklet (Jul 2024)
Arts & Sports Booklet (Jul 2024)
Summer Programme 2024
Mu-lan Spa Summer Promotion
F & B Jun Promotion
K-Pop Dance Trial (Jun 2024)
Kids' Gallery Summer Camp @Bel-Air
Plan Your Event in Bel-Air
Meeting Spaces @Bel-Air
Swimming Class Booklet (Jun 2024)
Arts & Sports Booklet (Jun 2024)
Opening Schedule of Swimming Pool (Updated on 19 Apr)
Children Ballet Class (May - Jun 2024)
Kids' Gallery Course Guide (May - Jun 2024)
IL COLPO Hair Treatment Promotion
New Indoor Swimming Pool Schedule and Annual Maintenance for Indoor Swimming Pool of Club Peak Wing (Updated on 25 Mar)
A New Level of Taste at Club Bel-Air
Re-open Conference Room at Club 8 (Updated on 18 Mar)
IL COLPO Salon Promotion
Re: Updates on Gymnasium Regulations (Updated on 29 Mar)
Safety Advice of Children’s Play Areas (Update as at 31 Jan)
Re: Actions against Unauthorized Coaching Behaviours and Activities (Updated on 7 Nov 2022)
Clubhouse General Rules & Regulations (Updated on 9 Jun 2021)
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